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Who Owns Thoresby Hall? 

Thoresby Hall is a historic country house located in the north of Nottinghamshire, England. The grand property has been the subject of much curiosity among locals and tourists alike, who…

General, History

When Was Thoresby Hall Built? 

Thoresby Hall, built in the 19th century, is a fine Grade I listed country house located in Budby, Nottinghamshire. Although what you see today is an excellent example of Victorian…

General, Thoresby Park

Who Owns Thoresby Park? 

Thoresby Park is a stunning parkland located in the heart of Nottinghamshire, England. The park is famous for its beautiful landscape, historic architecture, and diverse wildlife. But who owns this…

General, Thoresby Hall

Is Thoresby Hall Haunted? 

Thoresby Hall is a magnificent country house situated in the heart of Nottinghamshire, England. It is a grand and imposing building, with a rich history dating back to the 16th…